Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Stomach cleaner.

Tips to keep Stomach Clean!Often you suffer from some stomach problem. Be it constipation or indigestion or acidity, bowel movements are important to clean the stomach regularly. Unhealthy lifestyle can affect the digestion and bowel movements. If the stomach is not clean, the tummy starts popping out thus making you look fat! Include the right food if you want to clean your stomach and have flat stomach.What foods can clean stomach?
Vegetables: Green leafy vegetables such as spinach, celery, broccoli, beans and asparagus are healthy and easy to digest. Carrots, onions, peas, squash and potatoes are rich in carbohydrates which helps clean stomach.

Fruits: Citrus fruits improve
bowel movements and cleans the stomach. Fruits leave behind healthy fibers in the colon which promotes bowel movements and cleanses the stomach. Have fruits such as lime, oranges, grapefruit, peaches and strawberries. Bananas are very effective to improve bowel movements. Have at least 2 bananas everyday to clean stomach and make it look flat! Avoid having more than 2 bananas everyday.

Whole grains: Cereals, wheat bread and rice are easy to digest foods. Include them in your diet to clean stomach and promote easy bowel movements.

Water: Though it is not a food, water is very important to clean the stomach. This softens the
stool and promotes easy flow. Have 8-10 glasses of water everyday. Include healthy fluids such as fruit juices and milk.

These foods helps cleanse the stomach easily and improve bowel movements. They are easy to digest and doesn't lead to stomach problems. Therefore, include the stomach healthy foods in your diet to get flat stomach
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8 simple Tips To Remove Bad Smell From Shoes.

Tips to remove smell from shoes/slippers: 
1.One of the simple tips to remove odour from shoes/slippers is by putting them under the sun. this helps dry the soul and cloth in the shoes and kill germs. After every use, let the sweat dry.
2. You can also put naphthalene balls inside the shoes and leave overnight. If the smell doesn't go from the shoes or slippers, wash them.
3. Always read the instructions before washing shoes/slippers. Soak the stinky shoes in soapy water and wash.
4. You can also soak the stinky shoes in baking soda solution. Just add few tsp of baking soda in soapy water and wash after 20 minutes.
5. If you don't have time to wash, just sprinkle baking soda on shoes and leave overnight. Clean with a cloth piece.
6. White vinegar can be used to remove odour from shoes/slippers. You can either sprinkle white vinegar inside the shoes or else add few drops of white vinegar in water and wash them.
7. If your shoe is non-washable, just soak a dry cloth in white vinegar and then clean the shoes/slippers. White vinegar helps get rid of odour from shoes.
8. One simple tip to remove smell from shoes is by using scented fabric softener sheets in your slippers and leave overnight.
  Try these tips to remove smell from stinky shoes/slippers. To maintain proper hygiene, clean your foot regularly and wear new
pair of socks

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Bang Pakora

           Bhang pakora
 recipe is the highly preferred holi recipe for the year. The reason is simple, it is different, spicy and filling. Take a look to know how to go about with the making

Summer Cooler.

Dahi vada 
Now open your eyes to this amazing Indian snacks recipe so that you can surprise your family with a treat this summer.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

New Technology In The Stock Market-Ready-To-Trade-Kit.

           It is going to be made very easy in forth coming days.In future account opening may become= On- the-spot Broking account opening  available to consumers in the form of Ready-To-Trade-Kit.
         It consists of a CD,user ID and password and security key.                                                                                                                               In future the kits are going to be sold in bookstores and supermarkets like Mobile SIM cards.

Web dictionary Made Easy To Access

 Simply by Clicking the link below*Click Here*you will enter the concerned web sites directly.The links below as:-
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  • The stock news:                                      :      Click Here
  • JumpingsStock                                       :      Click Here
  • Free stock charting software:               :       Click Here    
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  • The LIC of India                                    :        Click Here
  • The ladies dress desinging and tailoring:       click here
  • for short term share trading free sofware:     click here
    Government of India:
    Finance ministry:                                                 Click here
    Ministry of health;                               click here
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sonic&Huawei Tablet Pc

               View sonic is about to give a terrific treat to the gizmo freaks as it is about to introduce two of its new tablets namely, ViewSonic G70 and E100 into the market. By introducing these models, ViewSonic is also taking a more significant entry to the world of tablets. They are based on android version
              MWC 2012 is rocking!. Yes, with many new gadgets being unveiled every second, both the producers & consumers are having a ball. One such latest , life-changing gadget is the Media Pad 10 FHD Quad Core Tablet PC launched by Huawei. This runs on the latest android Ice-Cream Sandwich operating system .
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samsung tablet Pc

Samsung is about to add

Sunday, 26 February 2012

web sites for physically challanged

Bringing physically challenged to the mainstream

BarrierBreak focuses on developing web sites for physically challanged.
              Ms Shilpi Kapoor has already landed up at the Intercontinental on Marine Drive for our 3 pm meeting. I am directed to the Corleone restaurant where she greets me with a smile and quickly wraps up her mobile phone conversation

Free operating system

There are several operating system in the computors

State Bank of India waives levy on minimum balance.

      State Bank of India (SBI) has announced waiver of service charge for non-maintenance of minimum balance stipulations with respect to savings accounts.
      A circular addressed to Chief General Managers of all circles dated February 14 said that the waiver is being looked upon as a ‘major step forward towards customer retention and acquisition.'

CBS TO TAKE CARE You will appreciate that this benefit/waiver is a strong selling point for our savings bank product.



Ulcer is a common disease found in all human beings. .It is easily curable.We should not ignore. once ignored it leads to contageous diseases and leads to death.It can be curable with in Forty Eight days. Drink daily in the empty stomach,one cup ofCarrot juice or cabbage. 
The ulcer will fly far awayfrom you.
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 The Education is not only a wealth creator.It is also mainly a character creator-builder.This is a twins- born in educational Institutions.The both are going to given in newly started Kovai Public School in Coimbatore,Tamil Nadu.

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song of love bird

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Varieties of Tablet Pc

                         The year 2010- dual SIM mobile phones in India, it was the ‘tablet PC’ that walked away with the title of being the most sought after device in 2011, and technology giants Apple, Samsung and Research in Motion rushed to grab a share of the booming market.
            Over the last few years, about a billion mobile phones were being sold annually, but it was the tablets that brought excitement to the world’s second largest telecom market this year.
Be it the high-end tablet PCs like iPad, PlayBook and Galaxy Tab or the world’s cheapest tablet Aakash, each one created a ripple in the market. And today, there are tablets in various sizes available in the market at different price points.  
          The year started with a bang as Apple’s iPad finally hit the Indian shores. Though the device was priced higher (between Rs 27,900 and Rs 44,900) than that in markets like the US, it was lapped up by Apple enthusiasts in the country.
         Another major launch by Apple was that of the iPhone 4S.
Though almost identical to its predecessor in looks, iPhone 4S has an artificial intelligence based assistant called Siri.
The price again played spoilsport as the iPhone 4S carried a hefty tag of Rs 44,500 for the 16GB version. The earlier model is available in India for Rs 34,500 (16GB).
          2011 also saw other launches from the Apple stable like cloud service iCloud and operating system iOS 5. However, with the sudden demise of Apple’s co-founder Steve Jobs, there have been concerns whether the company would be able to continue introducing winning products.
June witnessed Canadian firm Research in Motion, which offers the BlackBerry service, launching its ‘PlayBook’ in India at Rs 27,990 (16 GB).
Motorola Mobility India introduced its Android-based tablet PC ‘Xoom’ in the same month, while Taiwanese handset maker HTC introduced its ‘Flyer’ in India.
The battle of the tablets continued with Samsung launching its Galaxy Tab 730 (8.9-inch screen) and the much-awaited Galaxy Tab 750 (with 10.1-inch screen) in India, priced at Rs Rs 33,990 and Rs 36,200, respectively.
Even as the race to bring out the next “revolutionary” device continued, Samsung got tangled in legal battles over claims of “slavishly” copying Apple’s device design.
As the year progressed, it was raining tablets in the Indian market as telecom operators also joined the bandwagon.
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Saturday, 25 February 2012

World best B schools for finance

                                       Wharton tops the list of the best B-schools for finance. It is the world's first collegiate business school, established in 1881. Wharton continues to push the boundaries of innovation, generating the knowledge that transforms global business and advances society. (Note: All rankings as per latest 'QS Global 200 Business School Report 2012')
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Friday, 24 February 2012

Tablet Pc

BSNL launches Aakash tablet's rival

BSNL has launched three tablets  with specfic features:-
The first two tablet with
  •   7 inch resistive screen 
  •  Android 2.3
 Third tablet  with
  •  8 inch capacitive touchscreen.
  •  Android 2.3
 BSNLis itoducing three tablets made by Noida based company.. They ranges Rs 3,250, Rs 10,999 and Rs 13,500 respectively.
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Tips to clean CDS &DVDS

Tips to clean cds:1. Check if the cd has warning signs or not. Few cds or dvds are difficult to clean and therefore check warning signs before cleaning them.

2. Always use soft cloth pieces and gently clean the cds or dvds and avoid getting scratches.

3. You can also use wet paper towels to clean dirt from cds or dvds. Be gentle while rubbing the paper towel on the inner and outer edge.

4. For weekly cleaning, use dry cloth piece to remove dirt from the cds.

5. To remove scratches from the cd or dvd, use toothpaste. Use a soft brush/cotton ball to clean and remove the scratches from the inner edge of the cd or dvd.6. If the dvd or cd is greasy or sticky, use baby shampoo. Mix baby shampoo in lukewarm water. Soak a cotton ball in the solution and clean the cd or dvd. Dry with clean cotton piece.

7. Often cds get fingerprints on the inner edge. To clean such stains, add few drops of alcohol or methanol and rub on the cd.

8. Instead of cleaning with tap water, prefer mineral water. Tap water has more salt which can spoil the cd or dvd.Try these tips to clean cds or dvds at home and prevent them from getting scratches.


LG Optimus 3D Max

        The year 2012 can be considered as the year of 3D
 gadgets. During the Consumer electronics show we saw the launch of several such devices. LG is one of the pioneers in this new generation display and they have recently announced one another 3D model.
        The phone is termed as LG Optimus 3D Max. This is an android smart phone that works on Android Gingerbread operating system. It would be updated to Android Ice cream sandwich operating system in the near future itself.
       This 3D phone offers glass free 3D visuals. So it would be a pleasure to enjoy such contents in its large 4.3 inch screen. The phone comes with a HD converter and 2D to 3D application converter. So you can install normal applications in the device and still get a 3D experience from it.
    The dual 5 mega pixels cameras at the back can record 3D images and videos. The phone comes with lots of other entertainment and connectivity options too. This device is powered by a dual core Cortex-A9 processor clocked at 1.2 GHz.

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Thursday, 23 February 2012

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Carbon in the soil

Soil carbon a key part of climate change.
            The top metre of the world's soil contains more than three times the carbon that is stored in the atmosphere. This carbon bank holds the future to global environment sustainability and could play an increasingly significant role in future climate change discussions and carbon trading.

Monday, 20 February 2012

Man maker

Gas trouble.

        MOST of the people around the world are suffering from Gas Trouble
 It is not a disease but can be a symptom. So never ignore and get it diagnosed by a qualified physician.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Boost for NFBC

The move to accelerate growth of ATMs,RBI plans to permit non-banking companies to set up owm ATMs. It will be like white label  ATMs.Those who proposes to set up ATMs
have to apply to RBI and must obtain authorization.It must be sponsored by one sponsored bank. 

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Natural energy

Monday, 13 February 2012

Valantene day!

Take challange today!
       love all
This is forms a life Valantene
 Try today itself

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Plantain Tree-Banana.

Banana  is propagated by suckers.It is a tropical tree.All parts are
useful.The ripe fruit can be eaten by all age people whether they
having teeth or not.It is more energetic one.
    It mainly used in Hindu Poojas*


Saturday, 11 February 2012

National Tree of India-Banyan.

The National Tree of India is Banyan Tree . This huge tree towers over its neighbours and is well known for its widest reaching roots , which covers several acres. It sends off new shoots from its roots, so that one tree is really a tangle of branches, roots, and trunks. It lives for an incredible length.

Its size and leafy shelter are valued in India as a place   rest and reflection, not to mention protection from the hot sun! In olden days it is  the focal point and gathering place for local councils and meetings. India has a long history of honoring this tree; it figures prominently in many of the oldest stories of the nation. 
 It is a sign of human traits peculiar in India*This is also a Sacred Tree Of Hindus Saiva"s
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